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bisqqit caters to those seeking a streamlined and expedited method for qualifying radio stations. Say goodbye to the tedious task of sifting through countless single station coverage maps and hours spent on various websites - get everything you need in one program.

With bisqqit, simply upload your target locations and overlay multi-station radio coverage signals simultaneously, guaranteeing optimal radio exposure for every location in your campaign. Instantly know which stations are qualified!

Our platform doesn't just simplify your tasks; it empowers you with a competitive advantage.

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Whether it's an analysis for planning or a specific grand opening, the bisqqit report engine will deliver a pre-qualified station list for each location in minutes. Instantly know who serves each of your target locations, and most importantly, who doesn't!

Gain powerful insights with our reporting engine. With unlimited reporting you will receive a profile of only those stations that serve your target locations including:

  • Geo% delivery of coverage for each location.
  • Population demographics including age, race/ethnicity, language, and more.
  • Station call letters.
  • FCC ID and Licensee.
  • Format.
  • Frequency.
  • City, State, and County of License.
  • National Rep.

Why bisqqit?

Precision Mapping Excellence

Utilize cutting-edge geo-coding technology for unlimited mapping. Swiftly upload and plot your retail locations, overlay radio signals effortlessly and know each station's coverage percentage in minutes.

Radio Station Qualification

Receive qualified stations fore each location instantly. Empower your team to make informed decisions for strategic marketing campaigns. With bisqqit, data drives your strategy - say goodbye to guesswork.

Strategic Expansion Solutions

Identify coverage gaps instantly to refine your radio marketing stratgey and facilitate strategic expansion. bisqqit simplifies the complex offering a uswer-friendly program that makes planning easy.

Comprehensive Reporting

Powered by Data Soup Visuals, bisqqit provides detailed reports with essential stations details and demographics. Access location specifics along with station data including format, city, county, state of license, national rep firm, and ownership.


Work Smarter
Not Harder

Elevate Your Team's Game.

Unlock the power of bisqqit and access a comprehensive solution that revolutionizes the way you locate and confirm audio coverage.

Our platform empowers your team to make informed decisions, streamlining your processes and enabling you to execute successful campaigns with unparelleled precision and efficiency.



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